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Top Do's & Don'ts of Positioning a Wall Mirror in Your Home

Mirrors are hugely popular interior decorating items. Their versatility lies in the fact that they reflect light, open up space and, when properly placed, work to really enhance a room.

They can be hung on a wall, be made to stand in a desirable corner, be positioned to lean against a dressing room wall or be cut to size to fit permanently into, say, a tiled bathroom. Here are some of the top do's and don'ts of positioning a mirror-

Positioning Wall Mirror


Do :-

  • Use large mirrors for small rooms. They really open up the space by making the room look bigger

  • Place a mirror near an entrance. It creates an inviting atmosphere and can really improve a narrow hallway.

  • Place a mirror on the opposite wall of a window. It will reflect the light, and, if it reflects a lovely view, you have two opportunities to see the beauty of it.

  • Place a large, stylish mirror in the dining area. It will reflect soft light or candle light and really help to add some sparkle to a table setting.

  • Hang an overmantle mirror over a fireplace. There are a wide range of lovely mirrors that suit this purpose. Arched mirrors are most commonly used and they are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours.

  • That does not mean that arched mirrors are the rule, there are a whole host of round, square, rectangular, framed and unframed mirrors that fit this purpose beautifully.

  • Choose mirrors for each room in the house that not only serve a purpose but also enhance the space by reflecting the style and colour that you want to achieve.

Don't :-

  • Hang a mirror just anywhere to fill a space. Instead make sure that it, (or they, if you go for scatter mirrors) provides a focal point.

  • Place a mirror in such a position that it reflects random things, or clutter. It will work best if it reflects a nice feature or simply light.

Written by Jean Ince at 19:00



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