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Mirrors to Match the Shabby Chic Decor Style

Are you one of those people who love a worn, comfortable and slightly romantic decor? If your answer is yes, it's my guess that at least one of the rooms in your home will be shabby chic in style, if not more. A popular form of interior design, it's chosen for it's decorative, vintage, bohemian and lived in look. An aged appearance and signs of wear and tear differentiate it from more conventional decorative styles.

Do you have shabby chic mirrors match the look? If not, you can include them quite simply. There is no longer the need to spend hours exploring charity shops until you find the mirror you want, in the right shape and size, or spend hours and pounds antiquing mirrors you already have.

Shabby Chic Mirrors Online Collection

It's is easy to find stunning shabby chic mirrors at a single click. Artifax Mirrors is one of the most popular online mirror stores in the UK. With an extensive collection of mirror types and styles Artifax Mirrors offers you a golden opportunity to buy the exact mirror you need.

  • A 'distressed' dramatic mirror in silver or cream can add a touch of aged glamour to your living room or bedroom.
  • In living rooms, dining rooms, dressing rooms, or bedrooms, large sized ornate mirrors in gold, silver, or cream can create a dramatic effect.

  • A plain, fine framed mirror in white, black, cream, gold, or silver is a perfect choice for bathroom, bedroom, or vanity unit.

  • A classic baroque statement mirror can make your living room, hallway, and porch, look stunning.

  • Rococo mirrors, with their glamorous, opulent style, make a real statement in bedrooms, dressing rooms, and living rooms.

  • Typical vintage styled oval or round mirrors look great in vintage styled bathrooms over vanity units.

  • Heart shaped or square/rectangular framed mirrors with roses and rose buds can instantly give your bedroom or bathroom a romantic look.

  • A shabby chic mirror in a distressed plain or ornate style can look lovely over a fireplace and add to its beauty.

Shabby Chic interiors have morphed a lot over recent years and it is a style much loved by many people. Mirrors offer a focal point to their surroundings and to look their best need to be in the same style as the decor.


Written by Jean Ince at 19:00



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