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Can Decorative Mirrors Enhance the Decor of Any Room?

Gone are the days when mirrors were used only for getting dressed and putting on make-up. As times have changed, they have come to play an increasingly important part in the world of interior design. Have you ever considered how cleverly placed decorative mirrors could enhance your home's decor?

There are several types of mirrors which suit almost any kind of interior design, and enhance the decor of any room. Remember, you can browse thousands of online decorative mirrors at Artifax Mirrors, all of which have the potential to brighten up homes of different sizes and styles in an instant.

  • If you have wooden furniture, different styles of wooden and metallic framed mirrors create the perfect antique look. Metal framed mirrors suit traditional, formal or informal interior settings.
  • Golden or silver mirrors in a shabby chic style make for eye- catching wall art. Thanks to their essential style and elegance, theyboost the atmosphere of any interior space. Traditional or modern, the distressed ornate frame of this type of mirror will enhance any atmosphere.
  • A round or oval mirror in a plain or heavily designed frame adds class to any room. The combination of elegance and glamour complements traditional or modern decor styles.
  • Some mirrors, such as sunburst or starburst models, are more decorative than functional. They add an attractive contemporary flair, and look fantastic on a large, blank wall in any room.
  • Floor mirrors or leaners can also make nice decorative accents in dressing rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. They can also be used cleverly in living rooms and hallways.
  • Frameless mirrors, whether they are round, oval or rectangular, serve as excellent vanity mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms. They add a distinct combination of vitality and glamour.
  • A glimmering gold or silver mirror adds a taste of luxury to any room, whatever your color scheme.
  • White and cream mirrors are always a popular choice for traditional, modern, coastal or designer decor.

Imaginative placing of mirrors will make any kind of interior look stunning. Every room can be given a unique ambience with the right choice of decorative mirror. Try some out and see how your home is instantly given added beauty.

Written by Jean Ince at 10:00



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