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A mirror can transform a room – it is one of the simplest (and cheapest!) ways to make a room appear instantly bigger. And it can do the same for your garden, perhaps creating an illusion of length or doubling the vision of colour in a favourite corner.

A mirror is a reflection (excuse the pun!) of your personal taste, whether your style is modern or traditional, whacky or classic. With the amazing choice of mirrors available, you can create a consistency of style that flows throughout your home or go for variety if you prefer to give each room its own unique character.

A mirror doesn’t even need to be serviceable – it can be a talking point, a beautiful piece of art in its own right, there for impact, adding texture or colour, catching the light.

Of course serviceable is good too. Where would we be in the morning without that piece of special glass to tell us how gorgeous we look (or that our hair needs fixing, our mascara is smudged, or to help us shave safely)?

Whenever, wherever and whatever you need a mirror for, there is one supplier that can satisfy any specification. Or if you would like a bespoke mirror, they can do that to.

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Can Decorative Mirrors Enhance the Decor of Any Room?

Gone are the days when mirrors were used only for getting dressed and putting on make-up. As times have changed, they have come to play an increasingly important part in the world of interior design. Have you ever considered how cleverly placed decorative mirrors could enhance your home's decor?

There are several types of mirrors which suit almost any kind of interior design, and enhance the decor of any room. Remember, you can browse thousands of online decorative mirrors at Artifax Mirrors, all of which have the potential to brighten up homes of different sizes and styles in an instant.

  • If you have wooden furniture, different styles of wooden and metallic framed mirrors create the perfect antique look. Metal framed mirrors suit traditional, formal or informal interior settings.
  • Golden or silver mirrors in a shabby chic style make for eye- catching wall art. Thanks to their essential style and elegance, theyboost the atmosphere of any interior space. Traditional or modern, the distressed ornate frame of this type of mirror will enhance any atmosphere.
  • A round or oval mirror in a plain or heavily designed frame adds class to any room. The combination of elegance and glamour complements traditional or modern decor styles.
  • Some mirrors, such as sunburst or starburst models, are more decorative than functional. They add an attractive contemporary flair, and look fantastic on a large, blank wall in any room.
  • Floor mirrors or leaners can also make nice decorative accents in dressing rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. They can also be used cleverly in living rooms and hallways.
  • Frameless mirrors, whether they are round, oval or rectangular, serve as excellent vanity mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms. They add a distinct combination of vitality and glamour.
  • A glimmering gold or silver mirror adds a taste of luxury to any room, whatever your color scheme.
  • White and cream mirrors are always a popular choice for traditional, modern, coastal or designer decor.

Imaginative placing of mirrors will make any kind of interior look stunning. Every room can be given a unique ambience with the right choice of decorative mirror. Try some out and see how your home is instantly given added beauty.

Written by Jean Ince at 10:00

Mirrors to Match the Shabby Chic Decor Style

Are you one of those people who love a worn, comfortable and slightly romantic decor? If your answer is yes, it's my guess that at least one of the rooms in your home will be shabby chic in style, if not more. A popular form of interior design, it's chosen for it's decorative, vintage, bohemian and lived in look. An aged appearance and signs of wear and tear differentiate it from more conventional decorative styles.

Do you have shabby chic mirrors match the look? If not, you can include them quite simply. There is no longer the need to spend hours exploring charity shops until you find the mirror you want, in the right shape and size, or spend hours and pounds antiquing mirrors you already have.

Shabby Chic Mirrors Online Collection

It's is easy to find stunning shabby chic mirrors at a single click. Artifax Mirrors is one of the most popular online mirror stores in the UK. With an extensive collection of mirror types and styles Artifax Mirrors offers you a golden opportunity to buy the exact mirror you need.

  • A 'distressed' dramatic mirror in silver or cream can add a touch of aged glamour to your living room or bedroom.
  • In living rooms, dining rooms, dressing rooms, or bedrooms, large sized ornate mirrors in gold, silver, or cream can create a dramatic effect.

  • A plain, fine framed mirror in white, black, cream, gold, or silver is a perfect choice for bathroom, bedroom, or vanity unit.

  • A classic baroque statement mirror can make your living room, hallway, and porch, look stunning.

  • Rococo mirrors, with their glamorous, opulent style, make a real statement in bedrooms, dressing rooms, and living rooms.

  • Typical vintage styled oval or round mirrors look great in vintage styled bathrooms over vanity units.

  • Heart shaped or square/rectangular framed mirrors with roses and rose buds can instantly give your bedroom or bathroom a romantic look.

  • A shabby chic mirror in a distressed plain or ornate style can look lovely over a fireplace and add to its beauty.

Shabby Chic interiors have morphed a lot over recent years and it is a style much loved by many people. Mirrors offer a focal point to their surroundings and to look their best need to be in the same style as the decor.


Written by Jean Ince at 19:00

Use Mirror Decoration to Add Sparkle at Christmas

It’s hard to believe but Christmas is waiting just around the corner. Have you planned for your Christmas break, had thoughts about throwing a Christmas party or found time to think about home decorating ideas?

During a period when there is always so much to do, interior decoration is one thing that does take up a lot of time. If you like to try to introduce something fresh and new to you rooms each Christmas, it becomes a bit more challenging as each year passes.

Mirrors for Christmas Decor Style

We have come up with some fantastic decoration ideas for this Christmas season… Indulge in mirrors this time and see what magic they can create all over your home!

  • Place a large, full length mirror in the hallway and decorate its frame with small snowflake lights or tiny twinkle lights. You can also make use of swags of spruce and winter blooming flowers to make it all the more impressive.
  • To bring that Christmas flavour to every room, decorate the frames of mirrors with twinkle lights or wreaths. You can keep the festive holiday spirit going even in the dressing room. A lightly decorated wreath or a few swags of spruce hung over the mirror frames will do the trick!
  • Message garlands spread over the frame of a large, horizontal mirror can create an exclusive, inviting atmosphere.
  • Use decorated Venetian, shabby chic, rococo, and other designer mirrors in the living room wall to add a Christmas ‘WOW’ factor.
  • If you love painting and have enough time in hand, try painting mirrors with high quality glass paints - a frosted border, scattered candy canes, a few pine trees, and snowman.
  • Sticking various small, geometrical shaped scatter mirrors at particular distances on a wall can create a real visual treat.
  • Decorating with mirrors doesn't stop on the walls; mirror tiles can be used to great effect under candles or Christmas floral arrangements, adding warmth and depth to the scheme.
  • Hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree is an old tradition. Try sticking ribbons onto small mirrors, tying the ribbons in a small bow with a loop for hanging. They add a chic feel and reflect Christmas tree lights and toys beautifully.

Mirrors add depth & dimension to smaller-looking spaces and give interiors a lovely layered look. They make a perfect piece of art, if placed appropriately in living & dining areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, dressing rooms, and other confined areas in the home.

No matter whether you keep it modern, stick to a purely traditional theme, or go for a simple country style; mirrors decoration can complement them all and, in each case, provide a touch of Christmas magic.

Written by Jean Ince at 12:00

Top Do's & Don'ts of Positioning a Wall Mirror in Your Home

Mirrors are hugely popular interior decorating items. Their versatility lies in the fact that they reflect light, open up space and, when properly placed, work to really enhance a room.

They can be hung on a wall, be made to stand in a desirable corner, be positioned to lean against a dressing room wall or be cut to size to fit permanently into, say, a tiled bathroom. Here are some of the top do's and don'ts of positioning a mirror-

Positioning Wall Mirror


Do :-

  • Use large mirrors for small rooms. They really open up the space by making the room look bigger

  • Place a mirror near an entrance. It creates an inviting atmosphere and can really improve a narrow hallway.

  • Place a mirror on the opposite wall of a window. It will reflect the light, and, if it reflects a lovely view, you have two opportunities to see the beauty of it.

  • Place a large, stylish mirror in the dining area. It will reflect soft light or candle light and really help to add some sparkle to a table setting.

  • Hang an overmantle mirror over a fireplace. There are a wide range of lovely mirrors that suit this purpose. Arched mirrors are most commonly used and they are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours.

  • That does not mean that arched mirrors are the rule, there are a whole host of round, square, rectangular, framed and unframed mirrors that fit this purpose beautifully.

  • Choose mirrors for each room in the house that not only serve a purpose but also enhance the space by reflecting the style and colour that you want to achieve.

Don't :-

  • Hang a mirror just anywhere to fill a space. Instead make sure that it, (or they, if you go for scatter mirrors) provides a focal point.

  • Place a mirror in such a position that it reflects random things, or clutter. It will work best if it reflects a nice feature or simply light.

Written by Jean Ince at 19:00


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